Bridesmaid Blooper

From the onset of my wedding planning I have tried my darndest not to be very low key about the whole shabang.  And to be honest I occasionally pat myself on the back for maintaining a very chill demeanor even as I pass over the “two month mark.”

However a few months back the type-A, controlling side of me reered her ugly head, all in regards to the bridesmaids dresses.

I have always loved when maids where the same color and fabric but different styles of dresses.  I like this for two reasons 1) I think it provides the gals with a chance to find a silhouette that truly flatters them and 2) I personally enjoy the variety from a visual standpoint.  I made the mistake of only telling my bridesmaids reason #1.  A decision I would regret later on.

Coincidentally I picked six different styles and have six bridesmaids.  Now I had anticipated having some double up, and I was ok with that.  However I had not anticipated nearly every maid (save one!) leaning towards the same dress.  Here I have six gals all with different figures going for the same look, which is exactly what I wanted to avoid.  Thus putting my in the conundrum of “do I be ‘that bride’ and tell my friends what they can and cannot do.” I was very pulled because the people pleaser in me didn’t want to offend anyone, while on the other hand having all the girls in the same dress is not what I wanted for the look of my wedding.

I hemmed and hawed about this and ultimately made the decision to ask some girls to switch.  Thankfully the response was the same from all of them. It went something like this:

“Blair I am thrilled to be asked. This is your day and I will wear whatever dress you want me to! I also liked several of the other dresses and I have no problem switching.”

Whew!  I know it may seem like a silly detail to stress over, but it really did throw me into a tizzy.  So the lesson here is twofold: 1) be sure to always communicate clearly what you want throughout the planning process, don’t assume people will naturally be on the same page.  2) Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, even if you have changed your mind.  In the end it is your day and your friends and family just want you to be happy.

So what are the various styles?  Meet my maids:

All the dresses will be tea length, and sapphire blue (shown above).  They are part of Watters & Watters WTOO line, and they are beautiful.

For any EAD readers in the Louisville, KY area: I got my wedding dress and bmaids dresses at Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique.  I couldn’t be happier with the service I received their and I highly reccomend them for all your wedding attire needs!

And as always, you can read more about my big day at: