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RSVP Packets: Treasure Boxes

The RSVP packets have been received by the guests so now I can do the big reveal!

I went over many ways of including lots of information for all of my guests about my upcoming vow renewal, which is a three-day event, but all the ideas seemed so unoriginal. Then one day we hit upon the idea of vintage letters, which led to thinking of the containers of memories we all have stashed away. So in that spirit came my RSVP packets, designed to resemble a stash of memories in a vintage treasure box.

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

The “treasure box” is a DVD tin, painted, decorated and goccoed. All of the amazing calligraphy you’ll see is courtesy of Laura Hooper. It’s her Elegance script and in my opinion, it really made everything perfect! Each of the words were hand-written by Laura; she then scanned and emailed them to me so that I could gocco all of the stationery and the tin itself.

The words are all written in French, a play on RSVP being a french phrase. You’ll see this slightly-French theme carried throughout my vow renewal…

You may remember this sneak peek from a few months ago. I actually gave you a lot of clues then!

{image courtesy of the author}

The tin was mailed in peel and stick DVD mailers purchased here. The label used is the same as on my Save the Dates. Here is Jenna’s after she received it, it doesn’t look too worse for the wear!

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

When the guests opened the tin, this is what awaited them!

{image courtesy of the author}

The Bonjour envelope held a goccoed notecard with a personal note to each guest. The envelope was lined with paper from Paper Source.

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

The rest of the packet consists of: Le Plan d’ Evenements (schedule of events), Information de Secteur (area information), Logement (lodging), Tresors (treasures), and the RSVP.

{image courtesy of the author}

The schedule of events has information on the Welcome Party, Vow Renewal, and Farewell Brunch – times, transportation info, suggested dress, etc.

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

Information de Secteur is a booklet prepared with info on all the best of Atlanta. Museums, restaurants, shopping, directions from the airport, details on each hotel, and things people may need when they are in town, such as grocery stores, drug stores, and tux rental.

{image courtesy of the author}

Logement is pretty self-explanatory! It’s details on the three room blocks we’ve reserved in Atlanta.

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

The Tresors card lets guests know to bring a small, non-perishable item to the ceremony. It’s for a super-secret project that will take place during the cocktail hour.

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

And last but not least, the RSVP itself. It was printed in thermography, including Laura’s amazing calligraphy! The half-moon sleeve is from Paper Source, and the lace wrap is the same lace as on my Save the Dates.

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

{Image courtesy of Jenna}

I thought I’d try to give you a super close-up so that you can see how Gocco ink sets on the paper. See how shiny and sparkly it is? Sigh.

{image courtesy of the author}

Big thanks goes to Jenna for all of her amazing photos – she’s got way more camera skills than I do! And GINORMOUS thanks goes to Laura for all of her awesome calligraphy.

Later on this week I’ll be giving my best instructions for how I made all of the components.

So, what thinkest thou? If any of you notice any misspellings, mistakes, or misalignments for the love of all things wedding please don’t tell me! :)