The Cold Shoulder

Now that I’ve had my teacher voice out about dress shopping, can I ask for an opinion? My dress – the unexpected winner – is strapless and ivory, with an ivory sash. I didn’t start out looking for strapless, and while I like it a lot I’d still like to have a shrug or something over my shoulders. I’ve found several options so far:

Jenny Yoo (in ivory)

jenny yoo shrug

Elizabeth Rohm (if her lace ever comes off backorder, that is)

elizabeth rohm shrug

Monique Lhullier

monique lhullier shrug

No, I’m not kidding. The Monique really is an option — well, sort of. I can’t actually buy the Monique, but I’ve been sewing for 20+ years and I’m reasonably confident that I can put together a riff on it with a few bits of tulle and some pearl beads.

Which do you like the best, assuming I haven’t overextended my sewing abilities for Monique Fauxllier? Or should I skip the shrug entirely?