DIY Entry #19: Fresh Taste Save the Date

One of our favorite gals, and prior guest bloggers, Kimberly, sent us a very cool save the date idea!

fruit crate save the date

Kimberly says:

I got an idea for these save the dates while searching for some artwork for my dining room. From the late 1800s to the mid 1960s, fruit was always shipped in simple wooden crates decorated with the company or state’s own labels. Why not take a spin from some of this beautiful art of yesteryear and try to adapt some of the designs to suite your own wedding.

A perfect opportunity to showcase an out of town affair – whether its using oranges for a wedding in Florida, peaches in Georgia, apples in Washington state, key limes in Key West or grapes in California (or Long Island for that matter), we’re sure you’ll guest will not only enjoy the work and love you put into this invite, but adore the beautiful fruit you’ve sent them.

For some more visual inspiration, visit The Label Man or Box of Apples.


  1. Purchase filler, crates and finalize design of Save the Date card to fit the short end of your selected crates.
  2. Order your postcards and labels – keep in mind to order 1 sticker per piece of fruit.
  3. Place bed of filler first, add in sticker fruit and affix postcard to short end of crate.
  4. Deliver to your guests!


  • Labels: Try OvernightPrints for good deals on printing your postcards – a standard 4″ x 6″ is great – the front will have a your graphic and the reverse side (which is mounted to the crate) can hold some additional details!
  • Stickers: Why not mimic the labels you see that come on your fruit in the grocery store? Just keep your colors in line with the postcard and you’ll have a cohesive look. 1.5″ size is perfect to get your name and date on your choice of fruit. With no minimums, Zazzle is a great option for when you have custom artwork that you want to showcase.
  • Crates: Be sure to order a sample to ensure the fruit you plan to ship fits in the size crate you have in mind. We like the 6″ x 7.25″ x 5.5” size best. These should fit about 4 oranges, 4 apples or a small grouping of limes.
  • Filling: To give your crates a more authentic look, try adding some natural wood shred to the bottom, after all the work you put into this project, you will certainly want to make sure your fruit arrives safely to your guests.
  • Glue Dots: Perfect for affixing your postcards to the crates – these are easy removable and will not harm the postcards.