DIY Entry #20: Birthday Brunch Invites

Wanwisa planned a beautiful birthday brunch, and today we’ll be showcasing her invitations and menus!

brunch invitations

Wanwisa says:

Inspired by Thomas Keller’s casual restaurant, Ad Hoc, I wanted to plan a birthday brunch that would feature a very back-to-school-office-supplies-postal appeal. My colors were red and kraft paper brown and I incorporated them by printing my invitation information and design on 8X11 kraft paper purchased at Kates Paperie. As an envelope, I used red heavy stock enclousures also from Kates Paperie and on sale for $0.60 each! I created a graph-paper-esque background design and used one of three monograms I asked Nicole of Pink Design to design for me as my main motif (she charges $15 for three digital monograms). I found a “confidential” stamp image to add a fun office-supply touch to the design as well. Each invitation design was printed on an 8X11 sheet of kraft paper and cut to measure 5X7. I used glue dots for a neat and wrinkle free way to insert the invitation into my red enclosures. I used American Typewrite as my main font to again, bring that office supply look into my design. The overall look is very playful and fun – perfect for a birthday brunch!