DIY Entry #22: Strawberry Trees

Michelle wrote in with her super appetizing strawberry tree centerpieces!

strawberry tree

These strawberry trees served as the edible centerpiece to my Christmas wedding in 2003. One tree sat on every guest table surrounded by 3 dipping sauces – chocolate, caramel and whipped cream. The strawberry trees served many purposes – their fabulous red color fit in perfectly with my red, black and white color scheme while giving the table some height. Additionally, they gave my guests a fun appetizer before the dinner was served, broke the conversational ice for those sitting at tables with people they hadn’t met previously and also saved me an additional centerpiece expense.


  • You will need one Styrofoam cone (floral foam). Size is dependent upon how large you want it to be and how many you are serving.
  • Cover the entire cone in a dark lettuce or kale.
  • Stick strawberries on with toothpicks.
  • Cover a plate with other lettuce or greenery or anything else that ties in with the décor of your event.
  • Put out some sauces for dipping!

I can imagine these were a big hit!