Tissue Paper Wreath

Hey all! Remember a little while ago I took a little vote on the wreath I should make for my brunch door? Well, with your help I chose the tissue paper wreath, and here’s the result of the escapade!

Tissue Paper Wreath
{author’s personal collection}

All of my inspiration came from Amanda’s awesome tissue paper pomanders. On her advice, I purchased tangerine and goldenrod tissues from Nashville Wraps. To make the wreath, you’ll need the tissue, along with:

* a styrofoam wreath form
* 2mm monofilament
* 22 gauge wire
* a hot glue gun
* an upholstery needle
* wire cutters


  • Using Martha’s guide here, cut your tissue into 10×5 rectangles.
  • Accordion fold the shorter side, approximately 3/8″ – 1/2″ per fold.
  • Fold the wire over the middle and twist.
  • Cut wire approximately 1/2″ from edge.
  • Round the corners of the tissue paper.
  • Begin pulling the layers away from each other and toward the middle of the wire. Don’t be afraid to scrunch the tissue – once I began pulling a little harder and scrunching the tissue closer together, the “flowers” became prettier!

tissue paper wreath
{Martha Stewart}

tissue paper wreath

Using an upholstery needle, poke a hole in the styrofoam wreath. Dab hot glue onto the wire end and place in the hole. Repeat (and repeat, and repeat)… You’ll want the flowers very close together. I think we used over 200 little flowers on the wreath!

Here’s a little closeup.

tissue paper wreath
{author’s personal collection}

For the hanger, I tied and knotted a piece of monofilament around the styrofoam, then tied another loop of monofilament around the first loop. I did this when I was about halfway done with the flowers.

You can also make pomanders, as Amanda did, using exactly the same method:


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