DIY Entry #36: Toggle Necklace

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that no matter where you are or whether or not you celebrate the holiday that you are having a wonderful day!

Amanda sent us a gorgeous DIY toggle necklace, which would be perfect for a bridesmaid gift!

diy necklace

You will need:

– chain (14″-16″ depending on how long you prefer)
– crystal bead
– rings (those tiny metal circles used in jewelry)
– wire (for wrapping the bead, but you can also use a ring instead))
– toggle clasp
jewelry pliers


  1. Cut the chain in 2 pieces (one that is 1.75″ long and other 15″ long)
  2. With the help of pliers, open up the ring and connect the long chain and one piece of the toggle. Close the ring. Repeat the process on the other end of the chain.
  3. Attach the short chain and the toggle (the round piece). Now you have both chain pieces together with the round toggle in between.
  4. Wrap the bead with wire and connect it to the chain. You can also try using rings instead.

diy necklace