DIY Entry #39: Pocketfold Invitations

Amy sent us a great tutorial on making your own 5×7 pocketfold invitations.

You will need:

* Cardstock (at least 80lb) that is at least 7×17 inches in dimension.  Amy purchased hers from Mister Art.
* A paper cutter with both cutting and scoring blades.
* Bone folder
* Adhesive.  Amy used Terrifically Tacky Tape.
* Pencil
* Ruler


Score your cardstock at 3″.  Fold with bone folder.  Score again at 8 1/8″ (5 1/8″ away from your previous score).

Score again at 13 1/8″ (5″ away from your previous score).

Use cardstock to make a template for the pocket edge.  Using a ruler and pencil, draw a pointed flap.  This will become your template for tracing the pocketfold.  Using your template, line up the edge against your 3″ scored flap and trace the edge.  Cut using your paper cutter or scissors.

Now, using the same edge on your template, invert it and draw onto the 4″ edge.  You want the inner point of hte pocket to be 2″ wide.  Measure 2″ inside and use that as a guiding point to draw the pocket in.  Cut with scissors or your paper trimmer. 

End result of all that scoring and cutting:

Put pieces of tape onto the 5″ section and the pocket as shown below:

Stick together and voila!