Your Wedding Style on Paper, Part I

Hollywood Glamour. A theme anyone could get excited about. So how exactly do you translate this theme onto your invitation? One of the most important aspects of your wedding, the invitation plays a very crucial role as the opener to your event. It has to be personal, unique, and able to get your guests excited about coming to the event. It also has to convey your wedding theme or style to its receiver.

In this 3 part series, we’ll show how the invitation design process moves from a conversation, to the invitation, to the actual celebration.

Sari and Andy were getting married in October, and wanted a Hollywood Glamour theme for their wedding. Being fans of vintage Hollywood, they wanted something chic and glamorous for their wedding invitation. Their reception was to be held at an old renovated theatre on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. Built in 1936, the El Rey Theatre was the perfect choice for Sari and Andy. After meeting with and getting to know Sari and Andy, my first order of business was to visit the El Rey to obtain further inspiration for this lavish invitation.

Besides getting to know the couple I am designing for, if proximity to the location permits, I love to visit the locations of their celebration to glean any inspiration I possibly can. The El Rey proved to provide plenty of inspiration and from there, I was able to get to work designing the perfect invitation for Sari and Andy.

Top image by Zenadia Design. All other images from the El Rey website.