A Cinderella-Inspired Bridal Shower Invitation

Invitations are not only an important part of your wedding, they play a major role in any party you throw! At Zenadia Design, we create couture invitations for any type of event, including bridal showers. The following invitation was designed for a Cinderella theme bridal shower.

Kaytie, the bride-to-be, is completely smitten with Cinderella. Her sister, the bridal shower host, said Kaytie would live at Disneyland if she could. With Kaytie’s love for Cinderella and all things Disney, we went to work designing an invitation Kaytie would simply adore.

The goal here was to create an invitation with with elegance and charm. We didn’t want an invitation that looked like it came right out of a cartoon. Kaytie is a chic and stylish bride, so we wanted the invitation to reflect that.

The outer part of the invitation was luminescent satin in an ice blue color. The belly band was modeled after Cinderella’s headband, complete with black satin ribbon and satin button.

The inside of the invitation reveals the words to the song from Cinderella, “So this is love…” along with all the party details. To finish the design off, we added swirls of fairy dust and the pumpkin carriage. This was fitting since the party took place in November; a perfect time for a pumpkin.