Just as important as your invitation, the envelope sometimes gets forgotten about in the rush of addressing and mailing. When your guests receive their invitation in the mail, the envelope will be the first thing they see, therefore the envelope should show as much care and detail as your invitations. Here are some ways you can make your envelope extra special.

Wax Seals

Wax seals date back to the Middle Ages, and were originally used as evidence that a package had been tampered with, as you would have to break the seal to get the package open. These days, wax seals are decorative and come in a variety of colors and decorations to imprint in the wax.

Modern day equipment makes wax sealing easier than ever. Most craft stores sell glue gun sealing wax, which can be used in a hot glue gun. Another great way to get the look of sealing wax with less of a hassle is to order pre-made wax seals. These come already in the circular shape, much like stickers, which you then stick right onto the envelope. Wax seals will give any envelope a little more decoration and personalization.


While it may sound funny, your choice of stamps should go right along with the look and theme of your invitation. If you have a vintage inspired wedding invitation, consider going on ebay to find vintage stamps to use. Another popular choice in stamps these days is the personalized stamp. Available at Stamps.com, you can make just about anything into a stamp. How about a picture of you and your fiance, or maybe an element from the design of your invitation. If you need two stamps, you could put your wedding date on one, and your names on the other. Be creative with it; the sky’s the limit!

Line the envelope

This adds an unexpected surprise when the guests open the envelope. It also a great way to add a little more color into your envelope, especially if you are using white envelopes.


There’s nothing more beautiful than an envelope with hand done calligraphy. Calligraphy is such a beautiful form of artwork, and definitely adds beauty to any envelope. The EAD Library has a list of some great calligraphers you can contact to help make your envelopes beautiful.

Though calligraphy done by hand is almost impossible to duplicate, there is another option to calligraphy if hiring a hand calligrapher isn’t in your budget. Digital calligraphy, done by computers, is cheaper and faster than hand calligraphy, although you don’t get the same effect as the beautiful penmanship of a calligrapher. Some stationery stores offer hand calligraphy. You can check online for local listings in your area.

Calligraphy by Laura Hooper, photo by Zenadia Design

Hand Addressing

If calligraphy isn’t an option, hand addressing the envelopes is. While this doesn’t cost anything, it does take some time. A lot of people choose not to hand address their envelopes because they don’t like their handwriting. Consider asking a close friend or family member to help you out with this. Hand addressing offers a great form of personalization, considering its your own handwriting.

Printing the Addresses

Printing the addresses on each envelope is another popular way to get the addressing done. While not as personal, it can be quicker than hand addressing. It is also a great way to tie the envelope into your invitation, as you can use a font the corresponds with the invitation.