Shower Suggestions

I have been engaged for almost ten months, during which time I have had five wedding showers. Yes I think this is more than usual. I am not sure what the national average for wedding showers is, but should someone have a figure I woudl be happy to see it! I credit this shower surplus to two factors:

1) My fiance and I are not from the same hometowns (me: Louisville, him: Baltimore)
2) We both reside in Chicago

Therefore we have multiple home bases with folks who want to help us celebrate. We have been very lucky.

I had Kitchen Shower in both Louisville and Baltimore (well, Ocean City to be exact…)

(can you guess which one was at the beach?)

My parents friends threw us a Stock The Bar Shower. I HIGHLY recommend having one of these :)

My knowledge of showers is limited but I had indeed heard of Kitchen Showers and STB Showers. However the next two were shower ideas I had not heard of and wanted to share with you all. Perhaps you do not want a “traditional” shower or maybe you too are having multiple and need some ideas.

1) A Christmas Ornament Shower: I collect Christmas ornaments and was thrilled with this idea. I cannot wait to decorate my tree and recall all the family who attended our shower. It will certainly be a gift we can enjoy for years to come. A favorite ornament I received was a pickle, yes a pickle. It is an old German custom to hide the pickle in the tree and whoever finds it first wins a prize. A shower that is educational and sentimental! Love it!

2) My most recent shower is by far the most original. It was thrown by a dear friend of mine here in Chicago and was loved by all who attended. A “Book and Board game Shower.” We gathered at a bar, ate pizza, drank and played games all night! It was so much fun and a really wonderful way to pick up some new books and great ways to entertain. I highly recommend this one should you be into such things as books and games (and really who isn’t?)

The fantastic thing about both of these showers is both are very affordable. In light of the times and considering many of the guests had already attended at least one of my showers this was a great way to give us a meaningful gift without breaking any banks!

Have you had any unique showers?