DIY Entry #46: Wax Seal Envelopes

Wanwisa created these beautiful donation favors using envelopes from Kate’s Paperie and a wax seal imprinted with the couple’s initial.

wax seal envelopes

Her tips for working with wax:

Initially I was a little scared to work with wax but turns out, it’s quite simple and fun! I used a long-handled jet-flame lighter to melt the wax. A little tip is to not melt the wax until dripping point (not only will the wax splatter, but it will also burn and turn black) but rather, melt it until it’s pliable and with a little force, smear in a circular motion. Then stamp it with your metal seal and voila! The harder you stamp the seal, the larger the area the wax will spread to. Remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect — that’s what makes them so personal!

wax seal envelopes