Revving up for the Registry

Hello. I am a bride. I love to shop. But, I am totally intimidated by our wedding registry!

Let me back up. The Broke-Ass Groom and I have been living together for over 6 years. We’ve got most of what a couple needs to get by, but its all a modge-podge of chipped Ikea plates, dog-chewed towels, mason jar glassware, and mismatched barware. So, getting married provides us with the perfect excuse to plan our home design, even if we lack the home part (still renting). Fun, right?

Well…. its stressful! Not knowing where we’ll end up living in a year (when our lease runs out) makes planning color schemes and design themes tough. For months we dawdled on the decisions, fearing committment, but as time went on we figured it best to plan for the home of our dreams. Anyone hear of the law of attraction? If you build it, they will come? Well, if we stock it… the house will come…. we hope!

So we laid out some ground plans… take a gander.

The kitchen/dining room: Mod, retro, kitsch. Mid Century Atomic influence. Oranges, yellows, organic woodsy browns and pops of turqoiuse all around. Bright and Cheery but sophistifun.

(images from Wishpot)

The Bathroom: Rubber Duckie Chic. More bright and cheery yellows and oranges, with dark blue nautical accents. We’ve already got this going on… we just want to replace our dingy old duckies with some fresh new squeakers!

(image from my old bathroom)

Bedroom: Jewel-toned moroccan/indian hideaway. Burgundy, royal blue, purple, fuschia. Sensuous and texture-y. I haven’t found any items to commit to yet, but this picture is so inspiring to me. I’m trying to figure out a way to DIY that yellow hanging. Its so dreamy!

image source

Having our schemes all accomplished, now its just time to get to brass tacks and start picking out patterns, textiles and goodies! Of course, I plan to use Wishpot as a registry since they allow us to pull items from around the web (amazing!), but because some guests just love to go and buy things in person, we’ll also register somewhere brick n mortar… possibly Crate and Barrel but to be determined later.

I’m always so fascinated by people’s registry rituals. I have friends who plan everything ahead, and others who go in willy-nilly and choose. Some friends do as we are, pre-designing for styles and colors, and others just go with their gut and design on the fly.

What’s your registry style? Is there method, or madness to your dream home?