Last Minute Preparations

I have TWO WEEKS to go until we renew our vows!  Just 14 days from now we will literally be at the welcome party.  I am in shock that things have passed so fast!

This week I have been diligently working to finalize all of the vendor proposals, the seating charts, the music schedules, and all of the other logistics.  Oh, and the payments!  That money part, it’s not exactly fun.  :)

I’ve scheduled my final brow appointment, my last dress fitting is tomorrow, I have shoes and earrings, a hair style, the programs are printed (but they need covers!), and the music list (both play and do not play) is relatively finalized.  My mother and sister came last week to pick up most of the DIY items, which was great!

During my time at my parents’ house before Christmas, we’ll be finalizing the OOT baskets and buying little last minute decor items.

So what isn’t done?  The favors are in the last stages of completion.  I am in desperate need of some sort of bouquet wrap (HELP?!).  I need to write the ceremony.  I need a spray tan, or three.  I am still on the hunt for an outfit to wear to our photo shoot at Turner Field before the welcome party (HELP again?!).

Overall, I am actually feeling very chill. I’m usually such a procrastinator, so I’m kind of proud of myself.  I’m to the point where I am just so eager to get this party started!

How are those of you that are close to your events doing?