First things first: The shoes and then the theme

We got engaged on a Saturday. That next week, Selfridges were having a sale, so I popped in after work one afternoon and perused the shoe sale. I live for shoes and I had already spent several hours on the internet looking for blue shoes, which I knew from moment one I would wear. And there, on the shelf marked ‘5’, was a gorgeous pair of electric blue slightly metallic peep toe Rupert Sanderson shoes. It was love at first sight. And, reduced by 75% to a mere £99 they were affordable as well. I was sold.

The shoes (mine are the blue ones)
Image from Rupert Sanderson but last season so is no longer on the website

{I was hoping to be able to post some better photos taken myself but I have had problems with my camera uploading lead. A new one has now arrived but not in time for this post I am afraid.}

These shoes became the idea behind the theme for the wedding: peacock feathers. The peacock is the emblem or symbol of the Greek goddess Hera, who is the goddess of women and marriage. And so it fitted perfectly. Peacock Feathers also became part of the name of my blog Peacock Feathers & Diamond Rings and is even now the name of my Etsy shop* which I have recently set up to sell some of the extra jewellery I have made whilst coming up with ideas for wedding jewellery.

We decided not to go overboard with the theme and as the planning has evolved so has the involvement of the emblem. At first I thought I would wear peacock feathers either in my bouquet or my hair but as time has passed I have decided I would rather have a more ‘traditional’ look for the church and then change some of my accessories for the reception. Instead, my Mum and I went shopping for bridesmaid dresses and chose some beautiful prom style dresses in peacock colours.

I have also had a peacock stamp designed which is forming part of the invitation (which are going to be hand made by M and I and which when finished will feature in a future post regarding our paper items) ditto the orders of service. Each table at the reception will have an empty wine bottle filled with peacock feathers as part of the centre piece. Again, these will feature in an upcoming post, so look out for these and the rest of our diy projects after Christmas.

Going back to the shoes, well, when I first bought them very few of my friends had heard of Rupert Sanderson. I, on the other hand, an avid Vogue reader, had heard of him, adored his shoes, and was very pleased to have found a pair which were so on theme. Fast forward only a few months later and Rupert Sanderson is everywhere in the fashion world, winning awards for being accessories designer of the year and so on. M and I were also fortunate enough to be able to attend a talk he hosted at a fashion event at Liberty (my favourite shop and curiously enough their signature emblem is a peacock feather…) and heard him speak of his love for shoes and how he designs and makes them. And then, at the end of the talk, I was able to chat to him myself and tell him I am wearing his shoes for my wedding (He had concluded his talk by musing that he always wondered on what occasions his customers chose to wear his shoes). I was thrilled, and I wonder how many other girls can say that they have met the designer who made their wedding shoes?!

Images above from my personal collection (apologies for the poor quality but they were taken on my mobile telephone and the colour levels are terrible). Taken at Liberty in the Shoe Boudoir.

Back after Christmas with some more exciting posts about my dress, our photographer, more of the planning process and some of our diy ideas (completed and not so completed!). Happy Holidays everyone.

*Search for PeacockFeathers26 if you are interested.