First thing’s first – after we chose to hold our event in Atlanta, we needed a venue. Unbelievably, this was perhaps the easiest decision I made through the entire process.

When my hubby and I took a trip to Atlanta to meet our event coordinators, Eventologie, for the first time, the only item on our agenda was choosing a venue. At this point, I knew a few things.

1) My guest list would be small, less than 50 people
2) I wanted the event to be classic and elegant, not trendy
3) New Years Eve was non-negotiable
4) We needed a sizable dance floor

We saw four potential venues that day in Atlanta. 103 West, Trois, Biltmore Ballrooms, and the Atlanta Woman’s Club. Several other appointments were to be held later that afternoon and the next day. However….

The second we walked into the Atlanta Woman’s Club, I was sold. Seriously, it could not have been more perfect.

midtown atlanta wedding venue
{Author’s personal collection}

The main floor is made up of a grand foyer, a parlor, a dining area, a sun room, and a sitting room. There is a staircase leading up to the brides’ room, bedrooms, and landing, and a hallway leading to the staircase to the ballroom. The main floor and upstairs are very vintage-inspired, many fireplaces, dark and rich colors, beautiful hardwood floors and rugs, and chandeliers.

The long hallway leading to the ballroom is lined with photos of the Woman’s Club members. It’s full of history, and as someone who attended a woman’s college in the South, especially perfect.

atlanta woman's club wedding venue
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And the ballroom … sigh. It’s all gold and ivory, with stunning hardwood floors and full-length mirrored panels on both sides, designed to mimic windows. There is a baby grand upstairs and downstairs.

ballroom at wimbish house atlanta
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Oh, and did I mention its perfect location at 14th and Peachtree in Midtown?

atlanta wedding venue
{Author’s personal collection}

wimbish house atlanta
{Image courtesy of Jenna}

Given all of this, there was no way I could have my event anywhere else. But it gets even better – because New Years was on a Wednesday, I received the weekday rental rate of only $250 per hour. That’s it. No hidden fees. The event coordinator at the facility, Beth, was phenomenal. We were able to visit the Club several times during the planning process, and she even was able to take the Christmas trees down before my event!

The venue also served as my built-in inspiration board. If it didn’t fit in with the Woman’s Club, it wasn’t meant to be. And now, with a venue, things began to take shape!