Mani-Pedi Party

You might remember the invitations I sent to all of my girlfriends, asking if they would join me for a Mani-Pedi party prior to the festivities:

party invitations calligraphy hand-drawn
{Author’s personal collection}

So Tuesday morning, we gathered at Entebello Salon in Atlanta for some pampering.

nail party atlanta
{Author’s personal collection}

Entebello is super-cute and it’s a perfect space for a party; all of the pedicure and manicure chairs are in one open area.

mani pedi party
{Image via Jenna}

The salon was very sweet and put out goodies for us:

wedding party manicure
{Image via Jenna}

I’d totally recommend Entebello as being a great host and the technicians were extremely nice, but I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of their service. Make sure to tell your nail technician to be very thin with the polish coats – for some reason they like to load the polish up (or perhaps their base coat is very slow-drying). Many of us ruined our pedicures putting on shoes FOUR hours later.

It was so fun to start off the events with some downtime with my girlfriends!