Saying Hello to a New Year!

Well HI everyone! It’s me again, Amanda over from In The Now Weddings and Events! I haven’t even been gone but a few weeks and the ladies of EAD missed me SO much that they offered me a weekly chance to feature on the blog! That’s right… Wednesday is MY day to pump you full of industry insider info, personal anecdotes, wedding advice [affectionately coined “wedvice” by yours truly] and much, much more! I sure hope you’re as excited as I am about all of this! I’ve got quite a few things to feature and quite a bit up my sleeve and cookin’ in the noggin’ but I’d really LOVE to get all of your input on your current struggles and questions about the industry! Is there something you’re wondering? Something you’re concerned about the etiquette on? Something you just feel stuck with?? Please, please leave a comment below and I promise, I’ll get to it on this blog!

And because a blog is nothing without a picture…

That is how I felt when they asked me to appear weekly over here! Honestly, I’m so SO thrilled to be a part of this! I want what I write over here to me witty, helpful, insightful, fun to read, pretty to look at, and most of all- ME!

Here’s another quick snap of me and that dude I married:

In case you can’t tell the way I feel about him…. utter love-struck love-sick affection beyond words.

I figured I’d take it easy this first week and give you a quick re-intro, but I do have quite the helpful blog up over on my blog site, talking about a wedding based out of a private home and a few challenges that come with it. If you want to read it now, head over HERE, and if you want to wait until I flesh it out a bit more, I’ll bet it’ll make it’s way over here as well!


A. Auer!