DIY Coat Check Tags

As soon as I saw this project on Style Me Pretty last year, I knew I had to make coat check tags. Not only are they easy to do, but they are so unexpectedly cute and I love it when guests know you thought of everything.

diy coat check tags
{Author’s personal collection}

You will need:

  • hole punch
  • eyelets & eyelet setter
  • rotary trimmer
  • cardstock
  • elastic


  • I started by laying out my template using MS Word (yes, I have Photoshop and Illustrator, but I’m kind of a Word junkie when it comes to tables). I was able to get 9 tags to a page on 8.5×11 paper.
  • First, I copied the graphic I wanted into the template (the swirled oval), and created separate cells with a border for the tear-off portion
  • Then using Word’s mail merge functionality, I input the numbers into the two spots on the tag
  • After printing on my trusty home printer, I cut out each of the tags and using my rotary trimmer, perforated the tear-off portion
  • For diagonal corners, I marked off 3/4″ in each direction from both top corners and cut with scissors
  • To finish, simply punch a hole and set an eyelet, then thread with elastic!

{Image via Jenna}

Total cost for 100: Elastic = $7, cardstock = $5, eyelets = $10 = $22
Total time: approximately 5 hours (most of this was tying elastic and making the template exactly perfect)

The template for the coat check tags is stored {here}. You’ll need to modify for fonts and such but it might get you started on your way!