My absolute favorite thing from Rebekah’s wedding was her ceremony.  When the chapel doors opened, and she appeared to live music, it was impossible not to cry.  So I knew the second I started planning that I wanted to find an acoustic guitarist in Atlanta for our ceremony.  The style of music was very important, as we definitely wanted non-traditional songs for our event.

Enter Ches Eaton, a fabulous find.  Believe it or not, I came across Ches via MySpace.  MySpace Music is actually a great tool to find local artists, and I was able to hear demos of him that he had uploaded as well.  He has a long list of songs on his website, all of which were totally our style of music, so we contacted him immediately, asked him to learn a few songs that I was set on having, he agreed, and we signed on the dotted line!

Simply Cinematic shot this great clip of Ches performing our prelude song, Yellow by Coldplay.

Choosing music for the ceremony was fun, actually.  We used some of my very favorite songs.  After the prelude of Yellow, Ches started into Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah, our first processional song.  Then, for our second processional song (which included my entrance), he played Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.  Our recessional song was The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice, and then he closed with Into the Mystic by Van Morrison.

Ches was incredibly accommodating; he had no qualms about learning the three songs we requested (Hallelujah, Chasing Cars, and The Blower’s Daughter).  And as you can hear from the video, his voice is just gorgeous.  All of our guests loved the live music – we received so many compliments and we couldn’t have been happier with our choice!