Green Wedding Favors, and a favor request!

I’ve mentioned more than a few times that we’re trying to make our wedding as green as we can, and here’s a big opportunity to ramp up that effort!

Hunter and I have been chosen as finalists in a green wedding contest, hosted by Trees Instead! If we win first prize, we get a free honeymoon to Costa Rica (!), but the top 5 finalists also win awesome, environmentally responsible prizes such as carbon offsets and trees planted for each guest!

If you haven’t heard of Trees Instead yet, its a great idea. You can have trees planted in the state of your choice, in honor of any major event. What a nice gift, to plant trees in honor of a wedding, birth, or anniversary. Its a legacy, and good for the earth… a perfect match! They even run a wedding favor program, so you can have trees planted in the names of each of your wedding guests!

We’re in the lead of the contest, but another couple is hot on our heels, and seems to have an incredibly powerful voter base supporting them. Please take a moment to vote for us, it would mean the world if we could win. This might be our only chance at a Honeymoon, due to the economy, so we’ve got loads of hope and love riding on this contest.

You can vote once a day, through each of the 3 following methods for a total of 3 votes daily!

Please hop on facebook and vote once each day for us – Facebook voting is only open for 3 more days… until the 20th.

Here’s the info:
Follow the link below, clicking “join group” and leaving a message on their wall stating that you vote for us!

Once you’ve joined, all you have to do to vote is leave a wall messages each day, stating you vote for Dana LaRue and Hunter Stiebel, May 24, 2009!

BUT, you can also vote once a day through Jan. 29th on the Trees Instead website

*VOTE THROUGH JAN. 29* – This is probably the most important way to vote, since there are more days you can enter left through this method.
Go to
and answer a few easy questions from their site.

Note that the questions change up every other day or so…
Usually, they ask for:
Our names: Hunter Stiebel and Dana LaRue
Our wedding date: May 24, 2009
The location of one of their planting grounds – all of which can be found here:
Their toll-free number: 1-866-972-8733
Any other answers are usually quite easy to locate within their website.
*BONUS: You can vote extra once from work and once from home… only 1 vote per IP address daily!

Voting on Twitter open through Jan. 20th…

Follow Trees Instead, and You can also vote once per day on Twitter!
Just tweet the following text exactly: I vote for Dana LaRue/Hunter Stiebel @TreesInstead

Thanks in advance to all of you for the support. You are making our wedding dreams come true!