And The Winner Is…

We are excited to announce the winner of our DIY contest as determined by our FABULOUS judges – Emily from Once Wed, Kathryn from Snippet & Ink, Jenna from That Bride, the girls at Southern Weddings, and Maria from Ritzy Bee!

We asked the judges to rank their top 3 out of the 10 finalists and we then assigned 1 point to each 3rd place vote , 2 points to each 2nd place vote, and 3 points to each 1st place vote.

OUR WINNER IS: Youn, with her incredible invitations!

diy invitations

A sampling of what the judges said:

Maria: “These are my top pick because I love the details that went into this project…the twine and the cute little label made these so fun for guests to receive I’m sure! Bravo!”
Jenna: “I think Youn’s invites are lavendar and lovely without being over the top. I like that her instructions were clear and easy to understand, without going into too much confusing detail. The paper doily and shades of purple are very soft and romantic, and the elements of twine added a subtly rustic touch. Topping it all of with a glassine envelope was the perfect touch I think, and the more I write this review the more I feel bummed that I’m not lucky enough to know Youn personally so I could receive my own!”
Kathryn: “These look absolutely professionally done. Beautiful. ”

Honorable mention goes to: Nicole, with her fabulous embroidery skills. 

diy embroidery
{Lauren B Photo}

A sampling of what the judges said:

Jenna: “Being a bridesmaid is a sacrifice. It’s a sacrifice of time and often a sacrifice of lots of money. I think that as Nicole sacrificed her own time, probably staying up late some nights to get all of her bridesmaids’ hoodies finished, she showed that she was willing to make sacrifices of her own for her closest friends. I also like this project because she used the wedding to develop a skill that she can use over and over throughout her life. ”
Lara: “These are really fun.  I think this would take a bit more expertise, but the design is adorable!  Nicole did a fabulous job.  A lot of love was stitched into this project.”
Maria: “Sooo cute, unique…and a lot of work too! I’m sure the gals who received these gifts were beyond thrilled…I know I would be! ”

Thank you to all of you who submitted projects for our November DIY month – we hope that all of the readers were inspired! 

Youn, please email us and we’ll arrange to get you your prize!