Color Inspiration

Deciding on a color palette has been a bit tricky for me. This is due in large part to the fact that I am a self-professed lover of design and all things beautiful. I’m captivated by the latest trends, but at the same time I am passionate about things with a classic, slightly vintage flavor with an updated twist. For me it has made it extremely difficult to fall in love with a color palette and stick with it, as evidenced by the dozens of inspiration boards I have made in recent months. I’ve posted several inspiration boards as my planning has evolved, which you can see on my blog here, here, here and here.

Ultimately I was inspired by this photo of what I consider to be the most beautiful bath towels I’ve ever seen, which I found months ago via This is Glamorous.  Don’t you just want to curl up in one of those towels after a hot bath on a cold winter night? I know I do! At first I was planning to translate the photo quite literally and incorporate lots of navy and French blue, gray, taupe and ivory. As the months have progressed, I’ve opted to stray from a regimented palette of Pantone-specific hues, and have instead gravitated toward a palette of brilliant shimmering neutrals with occasional smudges of various blue shades to keep things interesting, but ultimately chic, sophisticated and timeless.

shades of blue color palette
{Beautiful towels by Balineum}

My latest inspiration board reflects that sentiment and my goal to achieve what I am dubbing a soft color mood as opposed to a striking color palette. I want things to read as beautiful, serene and soft and to allow the colors of our various waterfront venues to shine through without competition. My amazing dress, which I shared with you last week, is the cornerstone of this inspiration board. Overall I’m going for something elegant, romantic and effortlessly timeless and for me rejecting a too-rigid color palette was the way to achieve this…and hopefully it works out as intended!

shades of blue wedding inspiration board
Dress by Casablanca, Blue champagne via The Knot, Bridesmaids photo by Lisa Lefkowitz
Sparklers photo by Karen Wise Photography, Invitation by Bella Figura, Shoe photo by Marie Labbancz
Hair piece by Grace Art and Antiques on Etsy, Suit photo via The Great Coat and Tie Experiment, Bouquet photo by April Smith Photography

As a teaser of things to come, you can catch a glimpse here of my plan for champagne bridesmaid dresses, all white flowers, and dapper men in charcoal gray suits, about all of which I promise to share so much more in the coming weeks. As you may have read yesterday, I’ll now be posting twice a week starting next week and in doing so can share even more wedding goodness. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to share even more of our wedding plans! On Monday I plan to share with you the Save the Date project that I lost much sleep over, but which turned out amazing in the end. In the meantime,  has anyone else found inspiration in an unexpected place? I certainly never dreamed bath towels would inspire our color palette!