A lofty vision

My fiance and I were literally across the world from one another the first month of our engagement.  He proposed while visiting me in Africa last January, where I was working on a short-term contract.  I thought I could wait a couple of months, until I got home to Chicago, to begin planning the wedding.  However just days after the proposal I discovered the wonderful world of wedding blogs!   Within weeks, I knew exactly what I wanted.  Despite being 5,000 miles away from the nearest bridal magazine, Elizabeth Anne Designs became my addiction and gave me more inspiration and ideas for my wedding that I ever dreamed imaginable.  I am honored and humbled that Elizabeth and Anne have asked me to contribute a weekly post to their blog.

Although the sky is the limit when it comes to the amount of inspiration the web offers, I quickly realized there weren’t many indoor or modern weddings highlighted.  Our preferred venue choice is a bare loft/warehouse in Chicago and we plan to use its minimalistic and raw vibe for inspiration.  My fiance and I are city people – we grew up in Chicago and lived together in Manhattan during grad school.  Chicago’s weather is ALWAYS unpredictable.  Our theme is urban, raw, hip, and chic(ago).

Thankfully, Chicago has many spaces that align with our theme…too many!  I returned home this week to check out venues and after seeing 8 gorgeous spaces I am seriously conflicted over 4 of them.  I could imagine our wedding at any of them, but since they are such unconventional venues, I need to make sure my fiance is comfortable with our selection.  I’ve asked him to fly in from NYC this weekend to make the final decision.  I hope to share with your our choice next week so I can begin planning all the details!

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the lofts I am in love with.  As one of the event planners told us, “It’s not for every bride.  There is no in between.  You either love it or hate it.”  I am so much more than in love with it, and since that is how I feel about my fiance, I know it’s the right choice :)

1st row from left to right: Salvage One, Ravenswood Billboard Factory | 2nd row: Westgrand Event Space, Architectural Artifacts, Ravenswood Billboard Factory | 3rd row: Westgrand Event Space (view of Chicago), Architectural Artifacts, Gallery 1028 | 4th row: Westgrand Event Space, Ravenswood Billboard Factory