Well hello, Beautiful!

**Scene: It is a dreary, rainy, cool day in February. Briana is curled up with big fuzzy socks and wrapped in a knit blanket, snuggled on couch. Dr. Dave is studying next to her. Cut to Briana’s computer screen: she is looking at photos of wedding dresses.**
Dr. Dave: “What are you doing, honey?”
Briana: (laughs nervously) “Well, I’m writing my blog for this week.”
Dr. Dave: (suspiciously)”Why are you looking at wedding dresses? I thought you already had a dress…”
Briana: “Weeeellll…..”

What can I say. I think every bride has been there: the post-wedding dress purchase gown search. Sure, I’ve already bought my gown. In fact, I got a great deal on a be-a-u-tiful Pronovias dress at a sample sale at R Mine Couture in Studio City. And yes, it was love at first try-on. No, I can’t show you (yet!) but a swatch of the fabric is hidden in my inspiration board here! But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t have a little fabric love on the side, right? After all, the 2009 collections are coming out…and what bride in her right mind could keep from just taking a quick PEEK?

Had I not bought my dress already, these are the dresses from which I would pick. They are beautiful, sweet, classic, and unique…just as every bride dreams of looking on her big day!
Now, you may be thinking that wedding dresses have little to nothing to do with wedding design… Au contraire, mon amie! I can assure you that the dress is such a vital aspect of the design. After all, it’s not likely that a bride will be wearing a sexy satin sheath dress for a rustic-themed barn wedding; nor will a bride at a trendy NYC restaurant be likely to show up in crochet! The trick lies in tying the details together and determining what will look right at your fete. So cuddle in, warm up your scrolling finger, and get ready for some drooling!

Angel Sanchez Spring 2009
Angel Sanchez’ Spring 2009 Collection, photo by Dan Lecca courtesy of www.brides.com

This dress would be perfect at the above-mentioned barn wedding. The large details and casual feel of the dress let the bride shine, while the A-line showcases a narrow waist and the train allows for just a touch of girliness. A bride would look fabulous with hair either up or down, with one large petal-y flower such as a dahlia pinned in.

Lela Rose Spring 2009 Collection
Lela Rose Spring 2009 Collection, photo by Dan Lecca courtesy of www.brides.com

This dress is a bit more elegant and evening appropriate, and would look beautiful at an indoor loft wedding in the city. The wedding could reflect the dress’ feel, with a modern romantic twist. It will look excellent on an hourglass shape, or can even serve to create curves on a more boyish figure. Accessorize with a set of long chandelier earrings.

Giambattista Valli's Spring 2009 Collection
Giambattista Valli’s Spring 2009 Collection, photo by Monica Feudi courtesy of www.brides.com

This dress is so flirty and fun! There are so many details on this dress that any additional accessories could be overkill. A bride wearing this type of dress should also avoid a veil. This dress would look lovely in an outdoor park venue, with lots of red and white checkerboard details scattered about!

J.Crew Lucinda Dress
Dress by J.Crew

Ah, J.Crew. Their new(ish) line of wedding gowns are simply stunning. Clean lines, simple patterns, crisp fabrics, POCKETS!…::sigh::. I could see a bride wearing this at a ceremony at a botanic gardens…strolling along beside a rose-lined cement pond, looking fresh and relaxed! Hair certainly looks best down with this simple dress, and a lovely diamond cuff bracelet could top off the look.

Melissa Sweet Spring 2009 collection
Melissa Sweet’s Spring 2009 Collection, photo by Dan Lecca courtesy of www.brides.com

The fun ruffle on the bottom of this dress caught my eye from the second I saw it. This dress would fit right in at a wedding held at an old carnival grounds. Just imagine the bridal portraits on an old ferris wheel, with this sweet little ruffle poking out at the bottom! A simple set of pearls with a ribbon tie would ice this dress amazingly, and the bride could consider a birdcage veil or beribboned veil.

Anna Maier/Ulla Maija Couture Spring 2009 Collection
Anna Maier/Ulla-Maija Couture Spring 2009 Collection, photo by Dan Lecca courtesy www.brides.com

This dress just screams romantic ballroom wedding. The gathered satin at the bust is a simple accent that gently leads the eye up to the face, even with all the detail happening down below! The dress looks soft and lovely, yet formal. And the little row of buttons going down the right side! So unique! Again, because this dress is so heavily detailed, the bride should be careful to avoid too much accessorizing.

From Ngallagh's Etsy Shop
Handmade dress from Ngallagh’s Etsy Shop

Finally, I stumbled upon this adorable, handmade dress on Etsy. The dress looks vintage and would look lovely at many different types of venues, including a vintage-themed event! I think it would pair perfectly with this vintage Coppola e Toppo necklace from bag borrow and steal:

Coppola E Toppo Vintage Necklace

There are so many fun ways to dress up a wedding gown (and they can be cheap, too…did I mention that the vintage necklace above can be yours for $88 a week??). The possibilities are endless, and many brides use the opportunity to express themselves through their jewelry and accessories. Here are just a few of the fun ones I’ve found during my search.

Custom Word Bracelets from Paloma's Nest
Custom word bracelets from Paloma’s Nest

These bracelets are $28 and can be customized with whatever phrase you would like to have printed. They would make such fun attendant gifts!

From 5gardenias' Etsy Shop
Necklace From 5gardenias’ Etsy Shop

This necklace has a romantic, modern twist to it, without feeling fussy. It would go especially well at a daisy-themed wedding!

Silk Flowers from the White AisleSilk Sash from the White Aisle
From White Aisle

These handmade silk flowers and silk sashes can be used to personalize your dress, or to add some fun flair to your updo. The flowers can even be scattered around the ceremony area for an easily cleaned up decoration, if your venue doesn’t allow real petals! 100% of the profits go to the women who create them in Vietnam, who are working to overcome their pasts as victims of sex trafficking.

Nordstrom Square Disc Necklace
Photo from www.Nordstrom.com

This necklace would look amazing with a plain, sexy sheath dress at a modern evening affair. Necklace from Nordstrom.

Phew! All this accessorizing and browsing…I’m ready to start looking for some accessories for my gown! I already know that I’ll be wearing an heirloom strand of pearls…however, earrings, headpiece, all these things are yet to be determined!  Time to do some shopping!  Stay tuned later this week for a DIY project–escort cards!