DIY Project: Escort Cards

So, as I said, our theme is based on the mountain woods surrounding our venue and feature shades of green, chocolate brown, and cream, with plum accents. The lobby to our venue has a lot of green and bronze, and we wanted to play up the woodsy theme of our venue with our escort cards.

This is an easy, cheap DIY project you can do easily with very few materials necessary. Depending on your theme and color palette, you can personalize this project however you want…there are so many options available!


Materials needed:

Calligraphy pens from Target (or wherever you prefer! I just happen to like this type of pen, it seems easier for me to write with.
Set of place cards, either blank or preprinted with a border (see below for suggestions)
Rubber stamps of your choice, for border or other decor
Ribbon hole punch

1/4″ satin ribbon in color of your choice

You can buy your own place cards like these from Good Things or like these from Paper Source, which has a wider variety of colors. Although we purchased placecards that already had borders preprinted on them, you can choose to do them yourself, if you have the time and a nice, steady hand!

This stamp, also from Paper Source, would be a good option.


My cards looked like this when blank. Start with a clean surface, and make sure you have some craft or scratch paper laid down to protect your table.


Next, use ribbon punch to punch holes in cards. I did this backwards in my demonstration–do be sure to punch the ribbon holes before you write names! Otherwise you may make the mistake of writing where a hole punch should be!


Use your rubber stamp, in an ink color you like, to stamp the card. You can get creative with this part! I chose to use a pine bough that covered both sides of the card when folded. It made the card look a bit more spontaneous and woodsy, and you’ll be able to see the pine bough on the back of the card, as well. This stamp is from Paper Source.



Next you’ll insert the ribbon into the card. I used 5″ length, 1/4″ width brown satin ribbon. Insert the ribbon through the front of the card first. Then cross the ribbon in the back, and pull through the front of the card.


And there you are! An easy DIY project for your escort cards. You can even skip the ribbon for an even shorter timeline–just use a stamp that works with your theme, and it’ll still look great!


What are your ideas for customizing your escort or place cards?