Decor trend: Decadent ceilings!

Here we are…109 days to go until our wedding day! We are so excited, and also so, so stressed. There is so much to consider, and the 3-month mark seems to be a pretty busy one in terms of wedding planning! I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on the upcoming decisions! One of the aspects we’ve been considering lately, as we start to really hone in on what we want for the decor of our venue, is the ceiling, of all things!

From Jared Wilson Photography
Photo via Jared Wilson Photography

The ceiling is really the last thing I would have thought of in terms of decorations. However, it seems to bring SO much to a venue and to the ambiance. For a venue with high ceilings, you can use hanging decor to “lower” the ceiling, making the room feel more cozy and the reception more intimate. It can also be used to illuminate and draw attention to an already beautiful ceiling, as seen in the amazing photo above from Jared Wilson Photography (an amazing Colorado photographer who, might I mention, recently implemented a program called “Easter House Weddings,” where he will offer discounted photography packages on a limited basis to brides and grooms who work to serve their communities through nonprofit organizations….how cool is that? But I digress….). I absolutely LOVE this idea…using grapevine balls wrapped with tiny twinkly lights.

There are so many ideas out there and inspiration for other ceiling decoration. Here are just a few:

Photo from diy.wed-central.com
Photos courtesy of diy.wed-central.com from Keri and Kevin at flickr.com


This isn’t quite a “ceiling” per se, but still would be gorgeous for an outdoor wedding, and would be quite a DIY project!

Photo from postnuptiallife.blogspot.com
Photo courtesy of Michele Waite via postnuptiallife.blogspot.com

Here’s a great way to dress up a tent in a rustic yet elegant way. Notice the great orchid trees in the background! Just beautiful!

Photo courtesy of Jose Villa Photography

Another beautiful option utilizing chandeliers, which look decadent and elegant either indoors or out…

From casaazul at flickr.com

This is yet another great DIY idea that can really incorporate your theme colors into your wedding in a bold way! Instructions to create pompons are here, from MarthaStewart.com. Or, if you’re pressed for time (or not a big DIY-er!) you can also purchase them from Etsy shop PomLove.

Photo from Yvonne Designs

This string of branches and flowered orbs creates a punch of interest to an otherwise white reception space and really draws the eye up to the beautifully draped ceiling.

There are just so many beautiful options! Some are quite a bit affordable than others (and thus more within mine and Dr. Dave’s price range!), but they are all simply stunning.

However, we’re just not sure if it plays into our venue as well as some of these. You see, our venue already has some ceiling detail:
Photo courtesy Boettcher Mansion

But I so, so love some of these ideas! So, I’d like to recruit the lovely readers of EAD for some advice. What do you think: add some pizazz to the ceilings, or leave as-is? We are having an evening wedding. I was thinking maybe hanging some things from the beams in between the chandeliers or from the chandeliers themselves… what do you think?