Really NOW: Jenny and Stuart!

The reason for this post is threefold:

1. I have been so SO intensely busy working on a delightful project that came to fruition yesterday which is the reason for my late post.
2. Jenny and Stuart had an amazing real wedding back in the summer of 2007
3. My intense project [which was a photo shoot] took place just yesterday, the day of my weekly column, AT their venue Rancho Capistrano!

A few tender words from me: I apologize for my tardy post! I hate that about me!! :) But more than that, apologies for the delay on my series! I really didn’t want to break it up, but these pictures will likely make up for it anyhow. Just hold your horses for next week!!

Now, onto the pictures!!


Jenny’s wedding was amazing. Her and her mother took the time to truly personalize SO much stuff! Her flowers were provided by the ever-consistent and jaw-dropper, Flower Allie, who was also involved in yesterday’s project with me!! :)


I loved the personal details- I’ll say it again- LOVED them! Her mom made this mossy R and it was the background for their entire ceremony, along with two lush floral splashes!

Pictures are courtesy of the incredible Jim Kennedy!



Jenny is a little sassafras. I know she still is. :)


My heart flutters for monogrammed ANYTHING- especially centerpieces! Yippee!!


The cake was a 3-tiered piece of perfection [or should I say “slice of perfection”??]. I love the smooth look of fondant and the chocolate brown made it even better. Plus, everything looks better with a diamond or two.



Jenny and her mom found 7 vintage umbrellas/parasols and had enough for each girl- they were SO cute. And made for killer portraits!!

And now, some great shots straight from Jim Kennedy’sblog!!!



I LOVED Stu’s reaction to him and Jenny’s “first look”. Seriously life unscripted! Better than imagined!!








Truly unique and incredible! I wish I had more detail shots handy to show you the thought and effort that went into Jenny’s big day. But, really, they did an incredible job ensuring their space was not only gorgeous for a wedding, but was uniquely their OWN! Remember, that’s equally as important! :)

Have a truly blessed THURSDAY and I’ll see you all next week!


A. Auer