Inspiration board design: an offer to EAD readers!

Happy weekend, EAD! Goodness, the weeks are going by so quickly. I can hardly keep up! it’s just been such a fast month, I can’t believe it’s already almost the second week of March!

We’re kind of in a dead zone as far as our planning timeline. However, we’re about to enter month 3, which is going to be very busy and PACKED with organizing and design! We’re visiting our venue next week, so be sure to check back for lots of photos and updates on that as well. With this downtime, I’ve been indulging in a guilty pleasure…inspiration boards! Here is one I did for a contest on Style Me Pretty a while back:

Pink Inspiration Board
From top right: Dress, Lela Rose / bottom R., flower, Heather Bailey / girl w/dog photo, Liz Banfield; bottom L, The Knot; middle L. (invitation) Peonies & Polaroids / top L. Martha Stewart; top middle L., Martha Stewart; top middle R., Whitebox Photo / Ice cream photo by Zinke Designs

And here’s another I created last night, based on shades of blues and silver:

From top right: photo print from CitrusTree’s Etsy shop; escort cards from Martha Stewart; bridesmaid dress by Jim Hjelm; drink from Martha Stewart; stationary by Crane & Co., silver vases by Wedding Shoppy; silk flower from Katylua’s Etsy Shop; bride in blue dress photo by Joel Flory Photography courtesy of Brooklyn Bride; bouquet from Saipua; fabric from checkbook cover from bagladiesinpa’s Etsy shop.

Inspiration boards are one of the most helpful things you can do for your wedding design. They can aid you in organizing your inspiration, finding a clear vision, and possibly discovering new creative ways to bring your theme into your day. Creating one is simple: do a search on your favorite inspiration sites (or just use Google!) to find photos that inspire you, and put your favorites into a collage. The photos don’t even have to be wedding related: your inspiration can come from photography, a piece of art, an interior decorating idea, or even just a swatch of fabric. Get creative!

Because my wedding planning has been a bit slow this week, I’d like to offer my meager services to some possibly more busy brides! The first three respondents to this post will get a personalized inspiration board, to be posted in the coming week. Please provide me with the following information: any colors you’ve decided upon, any theme you’re incorporating, what type of venue you are utilizing, something unique about you, and anything else you’d like me to include!

I can’t wait to hear from you all and possibly help you create some beautiful inspiration. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!