Bride’s Outfit II: Accessories

Now that M also writes a weekly column on here (I hope you are enjoying reading about the aspects of the wedding which are more important to him) I really can’t tell you much about my dress. What I can write about though are my accessories, as M has a pretty good idea about these. We live together in a very small one bedroom flat; it would have been impossible to keep them all secret… What I can tell you about the dress is this: it is white (!), well, slightly off white and it is a strapless column-ish dress with a small train. Which I will wear with a white ribboned belt and traditional veil for the ceremony and with a blue ribboned belt and more informal head piece of some sort for the reception. As you know from previous posts, I am wearing blue shoes. Ok, here they are again:

{Image by Rupert Sanderson}

I then started thinking about bags. On the day I will need something to keep a few bits and pieces in, namely tissues, lipstick, painkillers (just in case – I usually get a migraine when I least need one), the hankerchief my Grandmother gave me, pins in case my dress falls down etc. So more than just a little purse. I decided a clutch bag would be the best idea, which one of my Grandmothers can hold for me during the service and which can sit on the table with me during the reception.

Yet the ethos of our wedding was recycled, vintage, second-hand which didn’t fit with just popping to Accessorize and buying a pretty bag. So I started searching on Etsy for alternatives. To begin with, I searched for peacock feathered options. It would match our theme, I thought to myself, merrily saving peacock inspired bags in my favourites:

{Photo credits: Top Row Retrospettive; Red Ruby Rose
Middle Row Shakuyaku; La Vita Lola
Bottom Row Anika; Atelier of Mine}

Yet none of the options seemed right. I wasn’t sure if I would ever really use a peacock feathered clutch bag again. So I started searching for blue clutch bags. And then I found the perfect solution:

{Image by Clare of The Brit Boutique}

She is made from a recycled old leather coat and the lining is a vintage skirt. The lining also looks a lot like peacock feathers but is definitely a bag which I will use again and again.
Jewellery wise, I am going to keep things simple: engagement ring and a pair of pearl earrings belonging to M’s Mother (something old and something borrowed).
And then, because it is England and it is bound to rain I have also bought this:

{Image credit: Source unknown}
and I already own these but will be bringing them with me, just in case:

{Image by Hunter}