The Dress Hunt Continues

I’ve told you all about finding my dress and about the two-day fiesta we’re planning, so it likely won’t come as much of a surprise that I’m on the hunt for a cute ivory/white dress to wear that weekend in addition the official wedding dress. Following our ceremony on Friday evening we’re treating our closest friends and family to a champagne and dessert reception and the thought of dropping something on my dress, or for that matter someone else dropping something on my dress, is enough to make me shudder. So I’m looking for something short, cute, sassy and reasonably affordable to change into after our ceremony and likely to wear after hours following our Saturday reception, too. I haven’t had a ton of luck as of yet, so I’m considering finding a bridesmaid dress I like and ordering it in ivory, but if I’m going to do that I’ll have to act soon. If anyone has any suggestions pretty please feel free to send them my way, but in the meantime here are a few I really like, but can’t quite commit to right now…

This Nicole Miller dress from edressme is oh so pretty…but it also costs more than my wedding dress. Yikes!

This fun little dress by BCBG at Macy’s is much more affordable, but I wonder if it’s too silver and not white/ivory enough and even possibly a bit too casual?

This gorgeous Maggy London via Nordstrom is chic and sophisticated, but it feels a bit more “bride at a business meeting” than “bride at a cocktail party” to me.

This dress is also Maggy London at Nordstrom and really pretty, but I just don’t see this shape making the most of my curves.

I love the sweet simplicity of this JCrew dress, but having recently lost 100 lbs and counting, lightweight fabrics like silk and jersey can be very difficult for me to pull off without a good heavy lining.

I really adore this modern layered dress by Banana Republic, but again it just seems far too casual and a bit covered up for the occasion.

And so the dress hunt continues! Hopefully I can find something that fits all of my criteria (short, affordable, sassy, and not too flimsy) and doesn’t break the bank and in a time frame that will allow me to reconsider if an online purchase proves not to be all it’s cracked up to be. I’ll be sure to share when I finally find my dress, but in the meantime is anyone else on the hunt for a second dress for your wedding festivities?