For this card carrying bride…

Finding a unique cardbox to fit our theme was a difficult undertaking. As much as I love the classic mailbox, vintage luggage and the sweet birdcage ideas, they weren’t quite right for our theme. I searched high and low to find something unique, exciting and memorable that spoke to us – but when I stumbled across For The Modern Bride I knew I had found the answer!

I love these darling boxes! They can be customized to match every element of your event, from size/layout to color scheme to embellishments and embroidery. They’re a wonderful keepsake idea and a supersafe way to ensure no greedy guests or interlopers grubby paws get inside and steal your proverbial candy. What I love the most is that they look like what they are, so there’s little room for guest confusion, and they make a great decor piece to get your gift table going!

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of FTMB before, but I’m so glad to have found them. I’m currently working on a cardbox design with them, and can’t wait to share what they come up with for our funky and colorful Magic Carpet Ride theme! The girls there have been so sweet and accommodating, I feel like we’re old friends. Its rare to find a company who can handle so many wedding design elements with such personal flair, I just had to share them with y’all!

Have you found a unique card box or design element that you’re dying to share?

* all images from the FTMB website.