Setting the Tone

To continue in my slightly mixed up but highly predictable order of wedding planning, I decided that I needed to find a dress before I could make other decisions.  Hey, I heard that it set the tone of the wedding!  And who am I to argue?  I had an image in my mind of an all lace, vintage looking dress, but I promised myself that I would keep an open mind.  So began my four month long search for a dress.

I made the mistake of starting my search at a salon way out of my price range.  I had no idea that designer dresses could be so enchanting!  I surprised myself by quickly falling in love with a simple Jenny Lee dress.

image from Jenny Lee Bridal
image from Jenny Lee Bridal

Unfortunately this beauty was way out of my price range at the salon, so I researched other alternatives of being united with my love.  I talked price with girls on Preowned Wedding Dresses, visited Brides Against Breast Cancer, and did about 500 google searches in effort to find my dress at an affordable price.  Sadly, it was not meant to be.  I decided I needed to wait a few months before my search continued so that I could heal my broken heart.

My entire family was driving to Atlanta for my Masters graduation, so I decided that this would be the perfect time to grab my mom and two younger sisters and find a dress to take Jenny’s place.  We spent a morning at a moderately priced salon and found a few nice dresses, but nothing that grabbed my heart.  We ate lunch feeling somewhat discouraged, and then headed to Bride Beautiful on the recommendation of a friend.  I walked around looking for a dress that would remind me of Jenny, but one of my sisters approached with a long, fitted lace gown.  I put it on, and Jenny was gone from my mind forever.  This dress was ‘the one.’

Wedding Gown
image by Blue World Studios