Decorative wreaths, and a chance to vote on the next DIY project!

Good morning, lovely readers! I’m amidst packing for a trip home to Colorado for a whirlwind week of final wedding planning. There are a million things I need to do when I go home…print invitations, address envelopes, purchase and make the vases for centerpieces, finalize catering, select table linens, meet with photographer, take venue measurements….oh goodness.

One other thing I’m planning to do while in Colorado is create a trial run of DIY wreaths for the doors at my venue. Here is a photo of what the doors look like:

Courtesy of Boettcher Mansion

Our ceremony will be taking place on the patio, so I really wanted to create some beautiful wreaths that would both stand out from the wood of the doors as well as blend with the natural scenery of the venue. Here are just a few I was considering:

Photo Debra McClinton via RealSimple

The simplicity of this wreath is beautiful. I think it could be mimicked using some hydrangea and salal leaves; however, I’m not sure how the hydrangea will do in the floral foam. They tend to be picky about their water sources!

Wreaths via FreshFloralArt

The stylistic lines and loveliness of the green in these moss wreaths is amazing. Strong comtender here!


Fruit wreaths via SimpleSong

I can smell the citrus just looking at the orange wreath! These wreaths are all very bright, cheery, and natural looking. I also love, LOVE the use of the potatoes in the bottom left!

Wreath from FTD

This wreath was inspired by one which can be purchased through FTD and is very classic looking. It seems more appropriate for a formal wedding; however, I think it would still look very pretty in our venue….other all-flower options such as peonies would also be lovely.

Feverview wreath from amgrowers

This one would be PERFECT for a daytime wedding! However I think it may be a bit too casual for our evening wedding…

So, here’s where you come in, mon petit choux! Which do you like the best, considering our venue? Which would you like to see as Sunday’s DIY entry? I so appreciate all of your input… the readers here all have beautiful ideas and amazing creativity and I hope we can all collaborate! Much love, and will be writing next from Colorful Colorado!