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Translating Inspiration

So now that I had a groom, a dress, and a place to get married, I could finally make my inspiration board!  I wanted to include specific photos that I used for individual inspiration, but also convey the feel that I was trying to create.  I actually made about five different inspiration boards as the process went on and the plans took shape, but here is my final product.  I was going for romantic, warm, classic, and simple, and the colors I ended up using were ivory and black with gold accents.

Inspiration Board

Top from left: photo of Park Tavern, candles from MS via S&IChrist the King photo by Matt Adcock; Row 2: chocolate from MS Weddings via S&I, lanterns from Pottery Barn (found on Classic Bride) via S&I, candle holders from Pottery Barn, pearls from Overstock via S&I; Row 3: my dress from Casablanca Bridal, invitation via S&I, Jack Vettriano image via art.com, photo by Belathee via S&I; Row 4: photo by Lisa Leigh via S&I, bouquet from Artfool, photo of Hotel Splendido via Little Winter Bride

Now I had an inspiration board, but I needed some priorities as guidance so that I could translate my inspiration into reality and decision making.  Our top three priorities were as follows:

1. Ryan and I saw our wedding as an opportunity to say thank you and entertain our guests in our new hometown.  Therefore our first priority was to welcome as many of our friends and family to Atlanta as possible for a great big party.

2. Photography.  Similar to many of you, I spent countless hours looking through hundreds of websites, saving images that spoke to me and captured the elements I wanted present at my wedding.  Having a photographer capture both the details I planned for more than a year but more importantly the moments that I would remember for a lifetime was incredibly important to me.

3. I didn’t want to lose my sanity.  This might not sound like your typical priority, but having done research for a couple of years I knew that there were more beautiful details and ideas than I would ever have the time, motivation, or funding to implement!

So now all I had to do was choose a photographer, determine what I could handle planning, and delegate the rest.  Sounds simple enough…