For Love of Paper

Throughout the planning process, I mentioned before that I wanted to stay sane and delegate where I could.  That included finding a florist who I trusted to do just about whatever she wanted, letting my parents be in charge of the catering and the alcohol, and letting my bridesmaids choose much of their own outfits.  However there was one thing I couldn’t let go of – I wanted to make the invitations and other stationery myself.  Naturally, that began with Save the Dates.

Save the Date 2
{Author’s Personal Collection}

I found a vintage postcard of the Cathedral of Christ the King, scanned it in, edited out the nice message on the back, added our information and I was done!  On a recommendation I used Prints Made Easy to print them because I wanted to keep the texture matte, and I mailed them in envelopes after hearing horror stories of postcards getting eaten up in the mail!

{Author’s Personal Collection}

Moving on to the real thing – the invitations.  I knew that I could have gotten more beautiful, more intricate invitations if I had ordered them, but as I mentioned, I was determined to complete this part of the process myself.  With very little computer knowledge, I decided that the best way to go about crating the invitations would be to use really nice Paper Source paper and the ever trusty MS Word.  I cut some black satin ribbon as a belly band and called it a day.  For being ultra simple, I was very pleased with the results and would absolutely do it again!

Escort Cards

The last stationery item I was extremely proud of was the escort card board.  I knew that I wanted tiny envelopes with the table assignments inside, so I bought white, ivory, and gold envelopes, and attached them all to my lace board with tiny gold pins.  The board was set in a gold easel when guests arrived.


In addition to the projects I have shown, I made all of the signs, table numbers, welcome packets and bags, itineraries, and programs.  These all got done within a month of the wedding, and I did not quite put in maximum effort to make them the perfect creations I envisioned they might be.  In fact at the time I was somewhat afraid that it was all overkill!  In the end, I was relaxed during the wedding weekend knowing that I had done enough, and that all of the guests had multiple ways to figure out what was going on.

Photography unless otherwise noted by Blue World Studios