Really NOW: Catherine and Mike!

Back in the summer of 2007, I had the honor of working with Cat and Mike on their oh-so-fun, personal, and well-planned big day. From their intimate tea ceremony, their backyard nuptials and their ballroom reception to her three dresses and stunning photography… it was SUCH a fun experience! So much, that I’m sharing it with you today. Lots of pictures in store, courtesy of Atrero Photography [one of the most artistic and creative photography teams that I’ve worked with to this day. I HEART them!].


The day started out with a traditional Tea Ceremony. I love Catherine’s attire in this picture, and how raw and emotional it is! Then, after the family-only service, it was on to the American standard ceremony!


I HEART this picture of Cat’s dress. Dang, right? Daaang!


Cat and Mike had their ceremony in their backyard. SO personal, SO cute, SO perfect! Her simple set up was such a big hit! With her bold colors- pink and red- shining through with paper lanterns, their fans and parasols, and petals… they allowed their ceremony speak for itself!





Now onto some killer portraits!!!


Love this… so presidential and proper:



This picture of the girls is epic. It’s what I have on my website and will probably be one of my favorites for… forever.


The boys ain’t too shabby either!


The reception took place at a beautiful free-standing ballroom located in Huntington Beach, called The Villa. We had a traditional 7 course Chinese food dinner- the staff there is incredible! It’s a room with huge windows, gold chiavari chairs, and gorgeouness ensured!

Cat and Mike’s place cards were trays of grass with little umbrellas in them- red and pink! I loved it!!



Inside the room, to accomodate the family-style dinner that comes along with the traditional 8 courses, each table had a “lazy susan” to put their food on, and a tall thin centerpiece with orchids branching out. Catherine really focused on the warm red tones for the reception [she thought the day would be amazing if it went from pink to red… and it WAS!]. The ceremony focused on the pinks and the reception went into the deep reds, flowing smoothly!


The Villa works pretty much exclusively with their design counterparts, Lifetime Weddings & Events, who provided all the lighting, linens, floral decor… all of it!


How amazing is that sweetheart table? Lined with rows of frosted votives, and draped in luscious satin linen, it was truly delicious!!


The cake: intricate. Delicious. Incredible! And a quick snap of the bride’s bouquet, which makes such a statement on it’s own:


Their first dance was SO fun! Cat changed into her ‘dancing attire’, and they put their ballroom dance courses to good use! That flirty pink little number was too cute on Catherine!


And for the last image of the evening, a picture of Cat’s uncle, who asked to sing a song [which turned into 4!!!] to the couple. He definitely got INTO it, and isn’t that what weddings are all about, really?


All in all, the day was so fun, personal, and memorable! Cat and her Husband spent the day soaking in the reality of their marriage and spending time with their nearest and dearest [did I mention the guest list at the reception sat at about 300 attendees??]! Hope you enjoyed their pictures as much as I enjoyed being a part of their big day!

I’m leaving the country this week [and I don’t “leave” well], so wish me luck! I’ll do my best to set up a blog for you for next week before I go, but if I can’t just know that I’m trying my best to think of lots and lots of wisdom to impart to all of you brides out there!

Love, love, love… and never quit!


A. Auer