Considering Wedding Bands

Quite by accident I stumbled upon the Etsy shop of Titanium Knights recently and found myself rather intrigued. Somewhat ironically, M and I were just out pricing wedding bands that same day, a special consideration because the shape of my engagement ring setting is going to require a custom band. During the course of our travels he set his sights on the lightweight and simple modern appeal of titanium. His favorite pick of the day rings in at a very affordable $195, which thrilled me to no end considering my band will be a bit more expensive as it will be custom. M is very much a no frills kind of guy. He is most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, he’s a former athlete turned teacher and coach, and his idea of a perfect weekend is a great dinner and a day of watching football. At any rate, an expensive gold or platinum band kind of guy he is not so the titanium route seems really perfect for his tastes.


Well, let me just say…$195 is now seeming expensive in comparison to the bands offered by Titanium Knights! They offer a really wide selection of styles, finishes and widths and no single ring in their shop is over $70. Yes, you read that correctly. Wedding bands for under $100 including shipping? Now this I must investigate further. I mean check out these gorgeous rings!




So while I love Etsy, I hadn’t really considered going the Etsy route for something as important and symbolic as a wedding band. However, I am definitely giving this option serious consideration as of right now. My only real hesitation is that the shop we’re planning to get our bands from is that of a local, independent jeweler who happens to be the uncle of one of my bridesmaids. I really love supporting local businesses whenever possible, especially when I know the owner personally and know them to be someone I would love to support with our business. No matter what he will be the guy for the job of creating my custom band, but I’d really like to give him the extra business of M’s ring because he’s just a great person. I will keep you posted on what option we decide to go with, but in the meantime I’m curious to know what everyone thinks. Is anyone else considering Etsy for the purchase of wedding band(s)?