Thoughts on Sweets

M and I both suffer from a serious love for sweets and adamantly agree that no meal is complete without dessert. In fact, were we not so committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, I dare say we’d both happily forgo dinner and jump straight to dessert far more often than we should. We just love sweets. With that said, it might come as a bit of a surprise that the wedding cake has been fairly low on the totem pole throughout the planning process. Once I started researching the price of cakes, I have spent a considerable amount of time convinced I’d just go without a cake entirely. I’ve never been big on the cutting of the cake so it just doesn’t seem that important to me.

A very beautiful but likely very expensive cake from Vanilla Bakeshop

If we were to have a wedding cake, something simple and all white, perhaps with a few flowers would be ideal. Like a lot of others, I’m not a huge fan of fondant so simple buttercream would be just heavenly. However, at this point I’m pretty convinced a tiered wedding cake is not in our future, because I just don’t care enough about it to spend the kind of money it would require. Like a lot of people these days I love the idea of serving cupcakes instead, but again this alternative can get very pricey. I’ve had a number of bridesmaids and friends offer to help bake cupcakes, but in all honesty I just can’t see how we could pull it off without a lot of additional stress. Add in the fact that when I bake I do so only from scratch, no box mixes and no canned frosting, and I can see it becoming far more effort than it’d be worth.

Cupcake tower from the wedding of Kim of Inspired Goodness

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about cake buffets and in particular, pulling together a lovely spread of cakes purchased from a regional grocery store chain known for their amazing bakery.

These are not your average run of the mill grocery store cakes. They are delicious, they look really pretty and they are made fresh daily with very high quality ingredients. Amassing a collection of cakes for the wedding day would be easy and affordable and stress free. What’s not to love? And I just love the way a pretty array of cakes looks.

Cake buffet from Oh Happy Day

Lovely buttercream cakes from Martha Stewart Weddings

Or maybe we should skip the cake altogether and indulge M’s insatiable appetite for cookies and my love affair with ice cream?

Homemade cookie buffet from Martha Stewart Weddings

Blackberry ice cream cobbler from Southern Living

Honestly, I’m still completely baffled by which direction to go. Were we not such sweet tooth junkies, we’d probably forgo cake entirely at this point. With that said, we recognize that’s just not an option for us so I’m hoping for that light bulb moment to strike me when the perfect solution presents itself…and hopefully soon! As long as it’s affordable and delicious, we’ll be thrilled. Is anyone else suffering from the great cake debate?