Eye To Eye: Do Me A Favor?

I have this idea. “Eye To Eye” is going to be articles focusing on things I’ve seen at real weddings that I get to work [most] or attend [rarely]. Thought it’d be fun while I wait until I gather some more ideas for my wedvice section. And since we’re entering into the hottness that IS wedding season, I’m gonna post a few pictures of my team to give you the formal introduction that these guys really deserve! Here’s one to taunt you [all photos courtesy of Brian Khang and his amazing talent]:

Shannon, Miriam, Alicia, Brittany, ME!, Josh [the hubby-kins]

That’s all for now! Gotta scroll down for more. :)

From my eyes straight to your brains…

Favors are definitely one of the traditional elements of the modern wedding. Typically, good favors [meaning anything truly worth your time, effort and money] fall into one of three categories: edible, fun, or sentimental.

Edible: by far, the most popular [and I’d say, most loved these days] party favor to give away is the edible favor. Be it candy [especially a few years ago when the start of the ever-popular candy buffet erupted onto the scene], cookies [thank Martha for that delicious homespun cookie bar she featured] or local delicacies, the edible favor is so popular that it will never go out of style. Trying to chose an edible favor that fits your wedding can be pretty easy. Any wedding website will be full of ideas and options to make your favors both personal and yummy at the same time. Pick up any wedding magazine and you’ll be reeled in by their cute packaging options and the rare candies they’ve found to perfectly compliment any featured color scheme. It’s the thrill of the chase, really, when it comes to the edibles. And it’s worth it every time!

Fun: one thing truly comes to mind as a trend these days for the fun favor: photo booth. Hands down, this is something your guests will get into [and literally get IN to!]. With the accessability to rent or create a photo booth of some type [either through a photo booth company or via your photographer], the fun factor as a wedding guest has increased big time! Gone are the days when guests felt the pain of waiting for the bride and groom and bored out of their minds. Now, a photo booth is placed in the cocktail area [with a line accompanying it that usually spreads around the corner, and lasts well beyond that first hour]! If you know your crowd will enjoy something interactive, then a photo booth is definitely worth the splurge. Best advice: find a company that provides YOU with a set of each picture taken that evening. It’s a fun way to feel connected to the day that will whiz by without any mercy!

Sentimental: and let me level with you, here: if it’s important to you, it may be important to some. But even if it’s important to you, it may not be important to them at all. You must be okay with that if you’re going to give out a sentimental favor! I’m talking things like monogrammed candles, bottle openers, mini picture frames. A sentimental favor has been, in the past, one of the most die-hard industries in the favor community. But I must admit: it’s time seems to have passed. There ARE some sentimental favors that are worth your time, energy and effort to dress in it’s Sunday best: anything that people will actually USE. A full size picture frame- wow, what a treat! A pashmina for each lady is still, a very decadent and versatile gift [especially for an evening outdoor soiree]. But for the most part, these favors are purchased in the couple’s taste and that will just not match up with each guests’ taste. They seem to be, these days, the most over-used and simeltanouesly neglected type of favor out there to purchase. Good sentimental favors will come with the price tag to prove it, but when they’re worth it… they REALLY are!

On the seen:
I’ve seen weddings with monogrammed cookies that people are walking around picking up the favors at empty seats to enjoy them. They’ve been the talk of the evening. I’ve worked weddings with personalized mint tins wrapped in tulle as the favor that I am, at the end of the night, packing up feverishly for the bride and groom because so many guests left them behind. I’ve had a photo booth line wrap around the corner for the duration of the event. I’ve seen expensive and fancy trinkets be “forgotten” as well as budget-friendly cheapies be just as underwhelming. The truth is, picking a favor that’s right for you should be easy. I know it seems difficult and daunting to pick anything that your crowd will like and that you can afford, but the expression that comes to mind is “if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all”. Harsh? Maybe. My highest priority for each of my clients is maximizing their budget, though. I’d much rather them scratch favors all together and apply that money to create a fantastic dessert buffet, or add some pin spot lighting, or give another thought to a gorgeous floral arrangement on their escort card table. You get my drift. You can get away with just “any old favor”, but the guests aren’t obligated to be thankful for it, to love it, even to take it with them when they leave! And who really needs, after their wedding, 150 left over personalized [and dated!] shot glasses filled with colored m&ms? That is bound to leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth after the wedding, despite the sweet treats inside! My advice is, as always, really THINK through the way you are spending each dollor. Don’t just get favors to have something on the table. I’ve worked plenty of gorgeous, successful weddings that don’t have a take-home for the guests. And people were none the wiser. As long as you’re committed to taking care of your group while they’re there, with you, enjoying your day… you can scratch the candy bars and match books. I know they’re tempting. I know their packaging is cute beyond words. And sometimes, that alone will really make it worth it! Just, please, be wise with the items you spend your money on. Don’t purchase the favor to fit the cute box you want to wrap- find something that is utterly and undeniably charming [that you truly WANT to give away as a reflection of yourself and your love], and work from there.

Now, more pics from our glamour shoot!!





I know, I know- can you believe I have so many people working with me?? I am seriously SO lucky to have my team! Alicia is blogging for me currently over on my blog while I’m over seas [did I mention?? Greece today, Paris tomorrow… life is tough!], and Brittany works for me weekly tackling all of my day-to-days that I can’t seem to get through myself anymore! More than that, Miriam is always a confident and important element to each wedding and our fabulously cute [and engaged] intern Shannon is a hoot in boots! Plus, I had to get pics of Josh just cause he’s always- always- working with me it seems. I am SO blessed! Hopefully you guys can get to know them and love them like I do!

Have a week of fun in the sun! Forecast for Paris is rain!


A. Auer