Blogger Bios

We’ve added a few features over here that will hopefully allow you to get to know our fabulous (if we do say so ourselves) wedding bloggers just a little bit better!

Over on the right sidebar you will now find a section showing all of the regular contributors and our photos.  Clicking on any of the photos will take you to that author’s posts.


Another new feature: when you click into a post, the full bio and photo of the writer now show up at the top of the right sidebar.


Last but not least, the profiles in the byline on the blog front page are still there, but they are now showing on hover instead of on click.


I personally feel SO lucky every day to have gotten to know so many of you guys through your comments, your emails, your blogs, and Twitter (do you Twitter? If so, come follow me so that I can follow you!).  I think I must have the best blog friends in the world.  I know I can speak for all of us when we say thank you for reading, for commenting (we *heart* getting your comments, it makes our day), and for being all-around wonderful people.  :)

Hopefully you like these little additions to the site and it helps you to keep up with us a little bit easier!