The earth laughs in flowers!

That, my friends, is a brilliant quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. You may be questioning at this point whether I am obsessed with florals… and if you’re not, you certainly should be! Being a major part of the DIY portion of my wedding, I have flowers constantly on the brain. And if you’re doing your own flowers…you should too! Specifically, I have woken up in a cold sweat several times in the last week (as I prepare to finalize my floral order!) wondering if my bouquet will hold up in the June heat.

If you’re having the same concerns…here’s a mini guide to help you out! There are several flowers that last well out of water. As I’ve said with EVERY floral post, it is so very very important to do a couple trials of your bouquets–that way, you can be sure that they’ll last more than a couple of hours outside the vase! After all, nobody wants a droopy-looking bouquet in their bridal portraits. Here are some flowers that will hold up well, can be arranged in advance (no more than a day…but this would still mean being able to sleep in an extra couple hours!), and make a simply chic bouquet.


Photo via The Knot

I have to tell you–in the last couple of months, I have become simply entranced with ranunculus. Their tiny, concentric white petals and twisty stems just lure me in! I have quite seriously been toying with the idea of a pure-ranunculus wedding…but that aside. Ranunculus last well outside of water and are full, beautiful stems with a delicate scent. They come in several different colors and are available through early summer.

Sweet Pea

Photo via The Knot

Not only do these flowers represent my favorite nickname for my hubby, they are sweet, unpresumptuous, light, and smell simply lovely. These are a great bouquet choice as well, but can get expensive–so consider using them for the bridal bouquet alone.


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Mums have such a playful feel to them, and they add great texture to a bouquet. They have sturdy stems and hold up well outside of water, and can make a great alternative filler. Mum bouquets can be made slightly in advance.


Photo via Martha Stewart

Need I say more? Beautiful. Simply beautiful, eye catching, and photograph wonderfully.



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Sunflowers are very inexpensive and can be arranged up to 3 days in advance! Wow…imagine how lovely it would be to be done so far in advance! Sunflowers are a huge hit for summer afternoon weddings, particularly rustic themed celebrations or those held outdoors.

Baby’s Breath


Baby’s Breath are another inexpensive option. They also have the advantage of looking edgy and modern, with a simple stylistic feel, while also being traditional and sweet. These can be arranged in advance as well and make a very easy hand-tied bouquet.

Now, there are some flowers which, through experience, I’ve found don’t work well in bouquets. They simply need to be in water to be at their best. These include:
-garden roses

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your wedding…simply feature them in centerpieces or altar arrangements where they can drink up all the water they desire and still grace your ceremony with their beauty!

Stay tuned for next week…I’ll be showing EAD readers a sneak peek of my dress fitting! Eeeeep!

Much love,