{Stationery Thursday} Illustrated Invitations

I love, love invitations that incorporate hand-lettering or illustration, particularly the work of Florida-based illustrator Anna Melcon Bond of Rifle Design.  Anna seems to effortlessly blend traditional illustration with folk art elements to create some of the most lovely Save the Dates and wedding invitations.

This first Save the Date is one of my all-time favorites – I love the the contrast between the black background, floral illustrations, and white hand-lettering is just so beautiful:


The next set is one of Anna’s most recent invitation suites, created for a late Spring wedding in North Carolina:




As you might expect, Anna designed the invitations for her own wedding.  She then carried those elements through to other elements of the wedding, such as the ceremony programs and even to the cake!




I love the way Anna brings a sense of fun and whimsy to every invitation design:



Gorgeous, right? For more of Anna’s lovely work, head on over to her website, blog, and flickr page (where you can also see a few photos from her lovely, lovely wedding)!