{Images 1, 3, 4 & 5 by Iced-Online; 2 and 6 by The Lavender Bakery}

If this girl and her boy were going to have a wedding cake, they may have chosen one of these beautiful options. All of which look fab and all of which certainly would have tasted delicious. Cupcakes or tiered cakes; they were all stunning.

But this girl and her boy weren’t fans of doing things for their wedding just because tradition dictated that they should. They had opted for lots of traditional things certainly, but not this one.

It wasn’t that they weren’t fans of cake, per se, because this girl loved making cakes and her boy loved eating them. It was just that they didn’t feel it was very *them* to spend over £500 on some cake. Because feeding 120 guests beautiful cake would be expensive. And also incurred some logistical nightmares that this girl just didn’t feel outweighed the delight in having one of those beautiful creations at their wedding. {Our venue is in the middle of the countryside and we are not having caterers as such. So no refridgeration and, just occasionally, we have heatwaves in June in the UK}.

When they first got engaged, they thought they would have pavlovas. They thought it would be nice to ask their friends and family to make some and serve them as pudding. But that idea was vetoed. Health and safety issues; more logistical problems and so on.

So they thought they would do without.

Yet they still wanted the tradition of cutting the cake so they decided to have a pile of cheeses as a cake instead. Local cheeses, round truckles. A larger one on the bottom, smallest one on top (obviously). A ribbon round the bottom, some flowers on the cheese, cake toppers on top.

{Image from House of Cheese}

A little like that perhaps, only sourced from local farms and with less grapes. Or table flowers.

So they spoke to the lovely man who was providing the hog roast. Who offered to source and purchase the cheeses directly from the local farmers thus increasing taste whilst reducing cost and food miles. And so it was decided.

And for those that desperately want wedding cake, because don’t forget, there might be guests there that expect that sort of thing, there will be homemade fruitcakes, iced in white, one by each mother, decorated one with an R and one with an M and sat next to each other. Real, traditional, English wedding cakes, with marzipan and white icing.

So, a little more homemade, a little more us. Because we always have a cheese board at a party. And white iced marzipanned fruitcake at Christmas, weddings and christenings. Always homemade.

And on top of the ‘cake’ will be this little GirlBird (when she is finished) and her (yet unmade) BoyBird husband. The idea shamelessly borrowed from another blogger who made some birds to sit atop her cupcakes.

GirlBird 1 (unfinished)
{Image from Author’s personal collection}

With peacock feathers for their tails. Just to keep the theme going.