What do you think I said??

So we’re in Paris.  It’s amazing and romantic.  We were so cold, but I remember telling Vince that I didn’t mind because it just meant we had to cuddle the whole time we walked around.  When it was dark on our first night in Paris, Vince suggested we take a walk around the park where the Louvre is.  We rounded a corner- and there I saw the most beautiful lit up ferris wheel I had ever seen!  As soon as I saw it I knew why we were in Paris.


A few Christmases ago-we had gone to do a Christmas light drive through Lake Lanier.  At the end of the drive, there was a carnival with a ferris wheel.  While we were on it I mentioned to him that it would be so romantic to get engaged here.  With the lights and the time of year it just felt so romantic.  I had completely forgotten about this-until I saw the ferris wheel in Paris and it all came flooding back.

We got on the wheel (Vince had to do a little begging with the attendant because each booth held 8 people!) the guy allowed us to get on alone once Vince showed him the ring and told him his plan.  We got on, and while we were at the very top-he got down on his knee (rocking the booth enough to scare us both a little).

excuse my man hands-it’s a weird angle!

OBVIOUSLY I said YES!!  It was so incredible to be looking at the love of my life, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph-and this gorgeous ring on my finger!  

louvre ferris wheel
Can you believe they have chandeliers in the streets??  Paris is just so cool.

One of the best elements of the trip was the fact that Vince had my family and friends handwrite letters to me about how happy they were for us and how much they love us!!

This is me reading the letter from my sister at the Louvre.

So there you have it!  Our surreal engagement story in Paris…any of you have crazy proposal stories??

Up next…the wedding planning begins…er…continues :)

{all images from authors collection..and edited with iPhone’s CameraBag}