Get Organized…With Tumblr!

Hello again EAD readers! Today has been a pretty big day for me: I got the call that my dress is in (so now I’m in a rush to find some shoes so I can go have my first fitting!), and I started training at anthropologie (you should all worry about whether or not I will actually be able to pay for my wedding after spending so much time and money in a fairy tale land of clothing and household goods)! 

I’m hoping to continue with posts that are of some help to the general engaged blog-reading population, so for those of you who haven’t discovered this goodie already, tumblr is an excellent way to bookmark your favorite items on the web, wedding related or not. Here’s a sample of what tumblr looks like on the user side of things:


(tumblr.com , the pic above is a dress from anthropologie, as seen in my engagement pic session!)

The easiest way to use tumblr is to add their gadget to your bookmark bar (on this image I have a button that says ‘tumblr’ on the end of the links directly below the address bar. They made it easy, you press your button the default says ‘add to tumblr’ and a screen pops up to add an element of that page (a picture, link, quote, video, etc.) See below.


(These are some awesome yellow shoes on etsy, and if they were in my size I’d buy them for my wedding. So, if someone with a size 7 foot wants awesome vintage yellow shoes for $25+$13 shipping, go here. That being said, if you see something similar to it in size 7.5 or 8, please let me know ([email protected])!!)

I use mine mostly as a visual inspiration bookmarker. It automatically saves a link to the site I got the picture from so that if I want to remember where I got it (especially useful for bloggers) I can just click through to the original page. I sent the link to my tumblr out to my mom and bridesmaids so that when I get an idea I can ask them what they thought of the pictures I posted. I’ll add in some of my inspiration from my tumblr so you can get an idea of the things I hold on to. 

Wedding or engagement pictures I like:

Beaulah Anne via Once Wed – I really want a leaf picture to capture that we’re getting married in the fall (October).

Wedding Details Inspiration:


I’m digging the quilt the couple from 2000 dollar budget wedding (see more of their wedding in Sara’s guest posts!) were wrapped in, made from fabric sent to them by their guests before the event.

photo via duet weddings

I’ve been in love with this since before I got engaged. we’ll hopefully be replicating this to some degree in our table decorations.

So, do you tumblr? Polyvore? What are your other web secrets

I’ll be back again soon, look for me on Mondays and Fridays!