Dessert done our way

Neither Hunter nor I are huge cake people.  But there’s one thing we do love to splurge our sweet teeth on!

Meet my 2nd love, the Beard Papa.

Oh, yeah…. the puffs.  Beard Papa makes the cream puffs that all puffs should aspire to emulate…. Each day, several times a day, they bake fresh puffs, and then (and this is key) they only fill them per order, so there’s no time for the cream to soggify your perfectly buttery and crunchy puff!  And the cream, oh fuggedaboutit.  Its divine.  They’re the perfect confection. Fresh, puffy goodness, filled with succulent, velvety vanilla cream, and sprinkled with powdered sugar…. these puppies are the best cream puff in all of creampuffdom.



We really wanted these puffs to be our dessert because they are more “us” than anything else.  But, how could we get them to be just as fresh and crisp as if you just bought one in the store?  No sireee, I was not having any soggy, mushy creampuffs!  So I inquired with the management, and they offered to supply 2 staff members to fill the puffs onsite, just before serving them – and all at a really fair price.  We were sold.  Delicious dessert and a hint of theatricality?  Yeah, that’s just our kind of treat!

Are you having an unusual dessert choice?