Did I mention….

Our venue? I mean, seriously. I know I’ve mentioned it. I’ve posted an occasional picture. But for how incredibly important a good venue is…have I really POSTED it? ::Gasp:: Here it is. Insert angels singing….


Out of any decision during our wedding planning, the most important has been picking our venue. We actually had put money down on another venue when we found Boettcher…and we just had to cancel our (nonrefundable!) reservation. Not only is it beautiful on its own; it’s 10 minutes from my parent’s place. So for me, it feels as close to home as possible without actually being at home. Plus, the decoration required = minimal if your venue can hold its own! It definitely pays to look at unconventional wedding venues. We looked at several ballrooms and reception venues, but they all seemed so cold to us. So we ended up settling on Boettcher, in the mountains outside of Golden.


This is the room where we’ll be having the reception. The uplighting? Um…yes! Still considering doing some sort of hanging decor from the beams…but then again, with those lanterns, it doesn’t really need anything.



The fireplace. Still considering options for decorating this….either a variety of different candle levels or hanging amaranthus?


This is where my hubby and I will meet for the first time before the ceremony for photos. ::Heart::…it feels so intimate and private. Can’t wait for that moment…


This is the patio where we’ll be having the ceremony, with this view of Denver. The ceremony is at sunset, so the city lights should be twinkling!


My bridesmaids and I will be sipping champagne in this room pre-ceremony. Love the comfy leather couches! The guys have a similar room, upstairs.


I am so excited to have our day take place at Boettcher. The history there is amazing, the decor is beautiful, and it requires so little decoration, which will really end up saving us money. Not only is it beautiful, the planners there have been so helpful. Definitely something to keep in mind when searching for your own venue!